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The Perfect Air 5000 is a state of the art air purification and sterilization system.  Only available through our Perfect Air CR company.  It is engineered specifically for use in Costa Rica. It is designed to not only remove over 99% of all allergens from your air but also can be used (when you want or need it) to sterilize the interior air spaces of homes, boats, automobiles, hotel rooms, and more. Anywhere you have odors the Perfect Air 5000 will remove them permanently! It uses 4 methods of air purification and sterilization.
(1) The washable HEPA filter,
(2). The production of ultra violet light to disinfect the air,
(3) On demand O3 production to sterilize the air and any surfaces throughout the interior of you home. This same technology is used to sterilize the air in hospital operating rooms around the World.
(4) Ion Generation for whole house protection to further remove any particulates, pollen, mold spores, and skin cells that are floating in you air.

Introduction to The Perfect Air 5000

The Perfect Air 5000 re-creates the same process that Nature uses to keep the air fresh and clean. Just like waterfalls and ocean waves, it generates negative ions that clear the air of dust and other particles. And, like a thunderstorm, it produces O3 to sanitize and remove pollutants without the use of chemicals that can actually make your symptoms worse and trigger an asthma attack.

Ionic Purifier clears the air of:
  • Mold Spores
  • Tobacco Smoke
  • Pet Dander
  • Pollen
The O3 Sanitizer will eliminate or reduce odors from:
  • Mold and Mildew
  • Pets
  • Tobacco
  • Musty Closets
  • Damp Basements
  • Kills Viruses and Fungi  including the H1N1 Swine Flu Virus
  • Automobiles
- Nature gives some particles a negative charge.
- Particles clump together then fall out of the air.
- Most indoor particles are positively charged. The ionic purifier creates negative Ions that cause dust and other particles to fall out of the air. Waterfalls and waves at the beach are good examples in Nature.

- Lightning transforms oxygen (O2) molecules into ozone (O3).
- (O3) reverts back to (O2) and breaks down pollutants.
          -The sanitizer creates O3 that breaks down odors and other pollutants at their source without the use of fragrances. Ozone (O3) is created in Nature by lightning and gives off a clean, fresh smell after a thunderstorm.
Continual Air Purification using the "The Perfect Air 5000 Machine"
"Perfect Air 5000 Machine" will kill airborne mold spores, germs, bacteria, and viruses as they drift into the building. This process will also kill the H1N1 Swine Flu virus!
It is important to remember that when using ozone for air purification, control over the ozone level is the most important feature. Our
"Perfect Air 5000 Machine" has the most control over the ozone output when compared to any other ozone machine on the market. It is also the only machine of its kind engineered to cope with the climates in Costa Rica!
Using our
"Perfect Air 5000 Machine" on a continual basis we guarantee the room will smell fresher and cleaner than it has ever been before. Perfect Air for you and your family to enjoy.
"Perfect Air 5000 Machine" runs for a few pennies a day and keeps your air perfectly clean. It will allow you to set your air conditioning unit to higher temperatures while you are away. This will save money on utility bills.
The need for mold control and removal.
Most of the time, the problem which gets the attention is the smell of mold, not because it is the primary or most potentially damaging issue (though its dangerous effects are becoming increasingly understood and documented), but because when it gets out of hand it can be both odiferous and visible. As the smell becomes worse It gets too obvious to ignore. The presence of mold in a dwelling or building is more than just an unsightly mess, sickening smell, or a cleaning nuisance.
It represents more than the heavy expenses and major inconveniences required to properly remove damaged building materials and treat construction components which have been exposed while giving deference to the needs of the building’s environs as repairs are being effected.
A mold infestation ought never to be taken lightly as it has been shown to not only directly cause numerous health symptoms – from mild irritations to serious long term and sometimes lethal conditions, but it can also so compromise an individual’s immune system to the extent that the person becomes susceptible to any number of other potential health risks. Much the same way that someone with AIDS or HIV will more likely become seriously ill or die of some other unrelated form of infection which a normal immune system would routinely handle.
Mold plays a major role in the Divine design to keep all of the ecosystems in balance, being the primary means by which organic material is recycled. Because death can occur to any organism at anytime or any place, mold must be everywhere present and ready to do its intended job of "digesting" dead material (mostly cellulose, once the moisture is extracted). Consequently, mold spores - mold's versions of seeds that are so tiny (less than 4 microns) that as many as 250,000 or so can fit on the head of a pin - are designed to circulate in some quantity anywhere the wind blows, including our homes and businesses.
Mold spores can also easily attach to our shoes and clothing, the fur and coats of animals, and may even be carried about on the bodies or body parts of insects. In short, anything entering our indoor living space is probably accompanied by mold spores.
Mold species are created to be extremely opportunistic, hardy, prolific, and territorial. Consequently, mold is in a position to begin its work on organic material anywhere at any time that conditions favor colonization -- regardless of the age or expense of the site.
Since the oil shortages of the early to mid 1970's, in an effort to conserve energy, we stopped building our structures in ways that allow for the free circulation and exchange of fresh air into our living spaces, utilizing instead building methods that do not allow our structures to breathe or release moisture buildup. As a consequence, we now live in conditions which increasingly favor mold growth better indoors than are found outdoors. Annual estimates of structural damages attributed to mold range in the multiple billions, and costs are climbing each year with insurance companies assuming less and less of the risk.
Of the 100,000 mold species which have been cataloged there are probably less than 100 that pose a threat to human health. The bad news is that the top 5 of these live indoors!
There is presently no way of predicting ahead of time who will or will not be most affected by mold or at what level. Each individual is different, and what one can tolerate may well be harmful or even fatal to another. The assumption is that the weaker and more infirm will suffer the most, but mold has been known to take down healthy adults in their primes.
 What baffles many patients and their doctors is that there are hosts of mold-related maladies and illnesses for which patients are being treated, whether as inflammations, allergies, or infections, where the root connection to the mold infestation is not made. Allergic reactions (often referred to as hay fever) are most common following mold exposure. Typical symptoms that mold-exposed people report (alone or in combination) include, among others, a plethora of chronic and debilitating problems, ranging from mild irritations to long-term life-threatening or ending conditions.
Like swimming pools which we expect to be pristine and clear, our indoor air quality, especially in a closed system, can go just as bad and be even worse. Unfortunately, unlike the pool, the air does not turn color to let us know that it has turned south on us and is hurting our health.

Mold prevention and sanitization works similarly to adding "chlorine" in a swimming pool. It raises the oxidizers in the air to a level which effectively overwhelms the pathogens, microbes, mold spores, and numerous viruses which have entered the air space and kills them and rids them from the air we breathe.
These are but a few reasons to use our Perfect Air 5000.


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